Friday, September 18, 2009

How to Make Your Website Popular

How to Make Your Website Popular

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Do you have an unknown site? having trouble getting people to surf your site? Come on and read this to make your site more well-known.


  1. Find a topic you know a great deal about.
  2. Create a website about your topic that has good quality information about your topic. Pack your site with content people cannot find anywhere else.
  3. Add to your site routinely. Your website should be considered a "living" document, that will change over time as you add and edit content. Consider creating a web feed (RSS, Atom etc.) so users can subscribe for updates. your website should never be complete.
  4. Make sure the graphics are of good quality.
  5. Make sure to create pages with content people will use.
  6. Try to find advertising space on other websites.
  7. Try and make the site unique to your idea, but still in keeping with the info.


  • Tell everyone you know to tell everyone they know and so on and so on. They will probably not listen to you, but you might as well try.
  • If you want to, get posters that have your site's name on it in your neighborhood or on a commonly seen bulletin board. Make copies of your posters in reduced size (flyers) and enclose them with any mail you are sending out anyway. For example, when you pay the cable bill, enclose your flyer with your website info.
  • Add the URL for your website to your email signature so that all emails you send out will include your website address. add the URL to your facebook, myspace, etc.


  • Don't post any copyrighted material. copy right infringement is harshly enforced.
  • Make sure that you have permission to post things on bulletin boards such as your website address. You could get banned from the board.

Things You'll Need

  • A web hosting provider
  • Optional: Domain name like .com,.org or .net domain names are easy remember and most peoples are familiar with. Get a domainname you have to pay for. People are more likely to visit then or
  • Optional: Web site designer to help you get it started.

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